March 24, 2023 2:14 am

The New Rule Is Bad News For Car Buyers

Second phase of BS-6: Bad news if you plan on buying a new car next year.The cost of vehicles will increase by a huge amount. New rules will be implemented next year, resulting in this change. This April, BS6 Emission Norms (BS6 emission standard) will go into effect in their second phase.Vehicle manufacturers will have to make some changes to their vehicles to achieve this, which will directly impact their prices.
A second phase of the Bharat Stage-6 (BS-6) emission standard is currently being implemented in the Indian auto industry.

The car will need to be modified
To comply with the second phase, four-wheel passenger and commercial vehicles will need refined devices. According to industry experts, such a situation may lead to an increase in production costs for the company, which will be borne by buyers moving forward. Vehicles must be equipped with a device that can monitor emission levels in order to meet the advanced emission standards.

In this way, the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor will be monitored by this device. The device will give a warning light when a set emission level is exceeded, indicating that the vehicle needs to be serviced. Additionally, the vehicle will have a programmed fuel injector to control fuel consumption. Additionally, it will monitor how much and when fuel is sent to the petrol engine. It is also expected that the semiconductor chip used in vehicles will need to be upgraded in order to monitor engine temperature, air pressure sent to combustion, and particulates in emissions.

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