June 21, 2024 7:32 am

Cold weather conditions persist in most parts of Punjab and Haryana

Cold weather conditions prevailed in most parts of Punjab and Haryana on Sunday, with Muktsar reeling at a low of two degrees Celsius.

While Muktsar in Punjab registered a minimum temperature that was below normal, severe cold weather conditions also prevailed in other places, including Ferozepur, which recorded a low of 2.5 degrees Celsius and Faridkot, a minimum of three degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department’s weather report.

Gurdaspur recorded a low of 5.5 degrees Celsius while Patiala also experienced a cold night at 6.4 degrees Celsius.

Ludhiana’s minimum temperature settled at 6.3 degrees Celsius while Amritsar recorded a low of 6.2 degrees Celsius.

In Haryana, biting cold prevailed in Hisar which recorded a low of four degrees Celsius.

Bhiwani and Sirsa also reeled under severe cold weather conditions, recording respective minimum temperatures of 5.6 degrees Celsius and 4.8 degrees Celsius.

Ambala recorded a low of 7.6 degrees Celsius while Kurukshetra recorded a low of 6.9 degrees Celsius. Rohtak recorded a low of 7.2 degrees Celsius.

Chandigarh, the common capital of the two states, recorded a low of 8.8 degrees Celsius.

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