June 23, 2024 1:45 am

A huge row breaks out between Rishi Sunak’s parents after his mother calls the prime minister ‘handsome’

There is a dispute among parents about which Prime Minister is the most handsome. Rishi Sunak’s looks appealed to a mother who admitted she liked them.

In an interview with parenting website Mumsnet, she said: “Looking at their pictures, I cannot think of another prime minister who was so handsome as Rishi Sunak.”

It doesn’t matter what you think about his policies, he is gorgeous to look at, even if you don’t agree with his political views.”

The comments section was quickly flooded with other parents discussing the country’s most handsome PM. There was no doubt that Rishi had something special about him.

He is our most attractive PM to date, according to one commenter. A third added: “He is not a bad looking chap, as they go.”.

As another person commented: “I would, and I’m not sorry, definitely an upgrade over the predecessors.” However, some thought he was outranked by them.

According to one commenter, Rishi is dishy. However, Tony Blair 1997 drew much attention. Another commented: “Lord Melbourne was a regency dandy. Rishi is teeny-tiny, and has Prince Charles’ ears. Handsome, but boring.

A second person said: “He is not Marquess of Rockingham. He is FIT.” Another said: “Excuse me, have you forgotten Gordon Brown?”

There was a lot of discussion about PMs prior to 2000. In the past, Anthony Eden was a fittie, according to one commenter.

He had a certain something about him 10 years before he became PM. He certainly had a magnificent head of hair.”

One parent thought David Cameron was a fittie, while another said, “My friend thinks Ian Duncan Smith is handsome.

Boris Johnson was praised by some, and one person asked: “Um, Boris?” Rishi dresses well and looks great, but I don’t find him attractive.

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